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Library services are a vital element of curriculum provided to students. Research shows that access to school library services under the direction of a certificated librarian increases student achievement for all.

Read through these resources to learn more.

Education Codes Governing School Libraries in California (PDF)
Excerpts of California Education Codes related to school library services are provided for easy reference.

K-12 Library Standards - California Department of Education (PDF)
This document highlights grade-level examples identifying where the Draft Model School Library Standards support the Common Core California Standards (CCCS) in English Language Arts.

Online References 

Learning Standards 
Standards for the 21st Century Learner from the American Association of School Libraries. 

California Common Core Grade Level Curriculum 
A Look at Kindergarten through Grade Six in California Public Schools is a compilation of subject -matter curriculum, including information about the Common Core State Standards, organized by individual grade levels.

California Common Core Standards 
Review information about the academic content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education on August 2, 2010.